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  • "Her blog is both Artful and Intelligent!"- CTV Montreal
  • "Good with a video camera but also a really good writer!"- CBC Daybreak Radio One
  • "The content on this blog is so intimate, personal and touching."- Global News
  • "I feel comfort through reading your posts, as if you're a friend of mine I'm on this journey together with, even though I've never met you."- Kalin, diagnosed with Breast Cancer at 24 years old.
  • "Your digital presence helps me not feel so alone. Thank you for the tips and advice!"- Chelsea, diagnosed with Breast Cancer at 20 years old.
  • "Watching your videos and seeing your smile makes things a little easier."- Samantha, diagnosed with Neuroblastoma at 22 years old.
  • "Following your story makes ME strong to face my everyday problems!"- Sandra, perfectly healthy at 25 years old.
  • "I'm Happy to know that i'm not the only 20-something year old out there going through what I'm going through." - Amanda diagnosed with breast cancer at 26 years old.
  • "Because of you I have been able to stay strong, positive, and coherent. I have been motivated about life and just happy because of you and your stories."- Dayana, diagnosed with breast cancer at 28 years old.
  • "The doctor asked me if I wanted to join a support group and I told her I already have a secret weapon - You."- Indra, diagnosed with breast cancer at 38 years old.