5 Tips for Couples Coping With Cancer w/ Vee

March 14, 2017
Hi Sweet Soul,
All weekend, I’ve been filming new episodes of The Nalie Show!
I was a little behind due to being ill from chemotherapy side effects…
But to be honest, I held off a little… thinking how the hell was I going to transition from 6 episodes where I had super long hair and speaking about my cancer in the PAST TENSE to now being completely bald with a recurrence to the lungs…
So I figured, for Episode 7…. I wanted to interview someone I trust. Someone I feel comfortable with and who makes me feel like nothing has even changed.
And that’s why… today’s show features my favourite guest yet… the one… the only… VEE THAKRAR!

We speak about how HE FEELS about my recurrence, how he’s handling it and whether or not he fears for our future. Together, we give 5 TIPS FOR COUPLES COPING WITH CANCER.

Check it out in the video above!
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2 Replies to "5 Tips for Couples Coping With Cancer w/ Vee"

  • Samantha Pereira
    March 15, 2017 (11:16 pm)

    Excellent advice… And beautifully said. Much love to you both x

  • KarenD
    March 21, 2017 (6:05 pm)

    You two are the most adorable couple! Your playfulness, optimism and love for one another shines through in this great video. And… I agree 100% with your suggestions. You are both very lucky to have found one another, and although your journey together so far has thrown a lot of sh##t at you, the two of you have emerged from the hellfire as one awesomely powerful and unified front! Blessings to you both. xo