5 Tips to Win your Fight w/ Boxer & Coach – Samantha Romiti

May 22, 2017

Hi Sweet Soul,

If there is one recurring pattern in The Nalie Show is that clearly… we ALL have our battles. We are all FIGHTING something in life. Whether it’s cancer or a heartbreak, the way it affects us can be equally as challenging.

Today’s episode is with Boxer and Coach, Samantha Romiti!  Her motto is – “LIFE IS LIKE BOXING!”

As she gives “5 TIPS TO WIN YOUR FIGHT” you’ll see how the analogy of being in the ring and overcoming life obstacles is so damn accurate!

What I love about Samantha is how she is strong and tough on the outside, but sweet and soft in the inside! What makes her strong to me isn’t her capacity to knock someone out in the ring, but more so, her willingness to open up and share her difficult journey battling depression as a teen and young adult due to losing her father to suicide. Now that… is courage!

I truly hope this video inspires you to open up and especially to NEVER GIVE UP! She sure has inspired me.





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