How and When Does Hair Fall Out Post-Chemo

March 29, 2017

Thursday January 26, 2017 For the 2nd time in my life, 2 weeks after my first round of chemo, my hair started to fall out. This time... I was ready. It may seem silly, not a lot of people know how and when cancer patients lose their hair due to certain chemotherapies. Before being diagnosed myself, I was also a little clueless. I used to think chemotherapy was when you were put into those tube-like machines and when you came out, you lost ...

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5 Ways to Have Fun with Cancer w/ Lindsey

March 27, 2017

Hey Sweet Soul, On today's episode of The Nalie Show, I get to sit and chat with another 20-something year old battling breast cancer!!! Such a bittersweet feeling... Lindsey Hope was diagnosed with breast cancer at only 22 years old. How she's handling it? Truly Inspiring! She created the Instagram account @tatatomytatas and the hashtag #howtohavefunwithcancer where she chooses to make the BEST out of this shitty situation! She focuses on ...

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5 Juice Recipes to Jumpstart your Health w/ Iris

March 19, 2017

Hi Sweet Soul, On today's episode of The Nalie Show, we talk about JUICING! What is juicing? What are its benefits? How do I get started? If you ever asked yourself these questions, this episode is for you! Juicing helps me regain my energy when I am recovering from chemotherapy. My body needs all the extra vitamins and nutrients it can get to restore and recover! For my guest, Iris, it helped her gain confidence, happiness and brought ...

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A SURPRISE Visit from Thrive Causemetics + The NALIE eyeliner

March 16, 2017

Sunday, January 22nd 2017 In life, you have a choice. You can choose to focus on the BAD or… on the GOOD. I know that sometimes things are so bad that you can’t help but be consumed by its terror. Other times it’s the opposite. You’re SO happy that you forget that anything is even wrong… That’s how I felt, when Karissa Bodnar, CEO of Thrive Causemetics, came to visit me in Montreal all the way from Seattle for 1 day! Just 1 ...

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How to Prepare for Hair Loss Part 1 – CUT IT SHORT

March 15, 2017

Saturday, January 21st 2017 Knowing you’re going to lose your hair a 2nd time is totally different. I knew exactly when it was going to fall out, how it was going to fall out and what I was going to look like. I was no longer concerned about not feeling beautiful like I was back in 2013. This time, I felt prepared. Well… as prepared as I could be. After my first round of chemotherapy, as soon as I started to feel good again, I called ...

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5 Tips for Couples Coping With Cancer w/ Vee

March 14, 2017

Hi Sweet Soul, All weekend, I've been filming new episodes of The Nalie Show! I was a little behind due to being ill from chemotherapy side effects... But to be honest, I held off a little... thinking how the hell was I going to transition from 6 episodes where I had super long hair and speaking about my cancer in the PAST TENSE to now being completely bald with a recurrence to the lungs... So I figured, for Episode 7.... I wanted to ...

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How to Give a Neupogen Injection

March 8, 2017

Wednesday, January 18th 2017 The first week post-chemotherapy was the absolute worst. But I don't know whether it was due to the chemotherapy side effects, or the overall trauma. Maybe it was both. Hence, the absolute worst week. Think of it… in one week, I was told about my recurrence to the lungs, I was hospitalized, I had a biopsy, I got a port-a-cath installed AND I did chemotherapy. There was no break in between. Needle after ...

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Chemo Round 1… Again! Adriamycin + Taxotere

March 7, 2017

Thursday, January 12th 2017 In 2014, when I screamed, “I AM CANCER FREE!” … not in a million billion trillion years did I think I’d be doing chemotherapy again. I was still in shock from yesterday’s biopsy, let alone finding out about the recurrence itself, that starting chemo just seemed so surreal to me. But with my warrior haircut, I charged into the battlefield. In my video above, I speak about the expected side effects ...

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3 Ways Fitness Can Change Your Life w/ Bulimia Survivor, Brenda

March 6, 2017

  Hey Sweet Soul, Oh my, I was so scared I wasn't going to be able to release Episode 6 of The Nalie Show today... Last Friday, I was hospitalized due to dehydration. I hadn't eaten in 4 days due to several abdominal pain due to a brutal round 3 chemotherapy. I didn't have any more episodes edited... But luckily last night I felt ALOT better! And you know me... when I feel good I feel great! So here it issss! Was fitness ...

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5 Ways to Feel Confident in your Skin w/ Vitiligo Advocate, Aiesha

February 27, 2017

Hi Sweet Soul, Have you ever looked in the mirror and disliked what was looking back at you? We’ve ALL criticized our bodies and wanted to change something about it. But what if you couldn’t…. On today’s episode of The Nalie Show. I grab a drink with Model, Vitiligo Advocate, and founder of the Born to Rise foundation - Aiesha! Aiesha is such a beautiful and inspiring soul. At only 18 years old, she discovered that she has ...

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