5 Tips to Conquer your Fear w/ Domestic Violence Survivor – Svetlana

May 28, 2017

Hi Sweet Soul, If you're anything like me, today's episode of The Nalie Show may get you a little angry! Domestic Violence is difficult subject to discuss, but definitely necessary. Which is why I am extremely proud of Svetlana for agreeing to share her story with us! Svetlana is the Founder of Clozet Freak Studio / Boutique. Anyone who meets her would define her as bold, confident and even fearless! But those characteristics did not ...

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CT scan results after 6 rounds of chemo

May 26, 2017

May 25th 2017  The day before receiving my CT scan results, I posted this caption on Instagram: "I'M JEALOUS - jealous of those whose bodies function. Who can dance the night away without feeling out of breath. Who don't have to worry if this piece of pie will worsen their situation. Who can plan their weeks ahead of time knowing they don't have upcoming treatments that will knock them out. I'M JEALOUS. Because there's so much I want to do ...

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5 Tips to Win your Fight w/ Boxer & Coach – Samantha Romiti

May 22, 2017

Hi Sweet Soul, If there is one recurring pattern in The Nalie Show is that clearly... we ALL have our battles. We are all FIGHTING something in life. Whether it's cancer or a heartbreak, the way it affects us can be equally as challenging. Today's episode is with Boxer and Coach, Samantha Romiti!  Her motto is - "LIFE IS LIKE BOXING!" As she gives "5 TIPS TO WIN YOUR FIGHT" you'll see how the analogy of being in the ring and overcoming ...

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5 Different Ways to Tie a Headscarf

May 14, 2017

Hi Sweet Soul, Who said having no hair was boring?!? Well, I’ve learned that only boring people get bored! So let’s have fun together! Grab your favourite scarf and try these 5 different styles with me!  The Top Bun: If you watched my last video, you know that this one is my go-to style! I just find it goes with almost everything. It's comfortable as it sits at the top of my head, so it doesn't feel uncomfortable to rest my head on ...

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How to Tie a Headscarf like Nalie

May 7, 2017

Hi Sweet Soul, Every day I receive messages asking "How do you tie your headscarf?" and "Where do you buy your scarves?" So for today's blog post, I wanted to make sure I answer all of that in this super easy tutorial on how to tie a headscarf/turban the way you always see me wear it in my pictures and videos! To prove to you how easy it is, I use 5 different scarves to show you how to tie a top-knot / front-bun! It's my favourite style ...

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5 Tips to Live in the Moment w/ Stage 4 Survivor, Mei-Lin Yee

April 30, 2017

Hi Sweet Soul, Episode 14 of The Nalie Show features walking miracle, Mei-Lin Yee​ - Metastatic Breast Cancer Survivor and advocate! Imagine being told you have but 2 years to live... and being in palliative care??? How do you NOT worry about the future? Well this fighter's number one tip is to EMBRACE THE MOMENT. We hear this all the time... but HOW?! How can we embrace the moment when there's "so much" to stress about right? Diagn...

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5 Tips to Cope with a Recurrence w/ 4 x Survivor – Stephanie Madsen

April 23, 2017

Hi Sweet Soul, Episode 13 of The Nalie Show is a bit of a selfish one... Desperately looking for hope, I realized there's not much info out there on how to handle a RECURRENCE. But then I found Stephanie Madsen, blogger at www.derailingmydiagnosis.com who fought a rare and aggressive cancer 4 times since the age of 25. With less than 20% chance of surviving the first year and 3 recurrences, Stephanie is in remission, ALIVE and THRIVING at ...

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5 Reasons Why Women are Meant to Lead & Breed w/ Danielle-Jocelyne

April 16, 2017

Hi Sweet Soul,  Episode 12 of The Nalie Show is for my ladiiies! Are you a young mom? Elder mom? Or maybe a future hopeful mom like me who has BIG career plans & dreams? Well what if I told ya... you DON’T have to give up on them! Today I chat with a young and inspiring Momtrepreneur, my girl - Danielle-Jocelyne Otou, founder of Female Department and Brunch in the City. Together, we give you 5 REASONS WHY WOMEN ARE MEANT TO LEAD ...

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5 Ways to Never Let Life Bully You w/ Amen

April 16, 2017

Hi Sweet Soul, Do you have a bully? Basically, what scares you? What prevents you from living your dreams and being who you truly are? On Episode 11 of The Nalie Show, I'm joined by Amen - Speaker & Entrepreneur at This by Amen, CEO & Founder of Amenzone Fitness Canada. I bet you'd NEVER guess that this strong, articulate and empowering man once had a stutter problem growing up! He's currently doing his STAND UP AND SPEAK tour, an ...

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5 Ways to Find YOUR Magic w/ Mentor and Magician – David Lion

April 3, 2017

Hi Sweet Soul, I'm so excited for you to watch Episode 10 of The Nalie Show as I sit down and chat with Mentor and Magician - David Lion! David grew up confused... not necessarily knowing who he was or how he should act. He always felt a pressure to conform with the norm despite knowing he was special and different! Well let me just say, this man is definitely unique and if you don't believe in magic yet... you'll definitely after today! ...

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