How to Give a Neupogen Injection

March 8, 2017

Wednesday, January 18th 2017

The first week post-chemotherapy was the absolute worst. But I don’t know whether it was due to the chemotherapy side effects, or the overall trauma. Maybe it was both. Hence, the absolute worst week.

Think of it… in one week, I was told about my recurrence to the lungs, I was hospitalized, I had a biopsy, I got a port-a-cath installed AND I did chemotherapy. There was no break in between. Needle after needle, I had no time to process what exactly was happening to me.

I’d have to say, for 10 days post-chemo, I was depressed. I felt lethargic. I kept getting visions of what would happen if I died. I pictured my funeral. Who would be there? How would I want it to be? The absolute worst thoughts that could have crossed my mind were flashing in my head. I didn’t want to see or talk to anybody. I’d spend days in my room just staring at the walls.

It’s hard to be positive when you’re physically in pain. For someone who knows how to LIVE IN THE MOMENT like me, I felt it all. So much that it was hard to think it would ever go away…

As hard as they were. Those days were necessary. I had to have them to move forward. After weeping for days, it felt like I had no more tears left to cry. I was exhausted from being sad. I started to feel like I wasting time. Finally, the moment I no longer felt physical pain. I decided to smile.

In between those days, I had to take Neupogen injections to help increase my white blood cell count. One must inject themselves in the stomach for 6 consecutive days post-chemo.

There was no way I was injecting myself in the stomach… so my boyfriend, Vee was forced to be my nurse.

We literally YouTubed how to give a Neupogen injection until he felt comfortable doing so. To give back, we decided to create this video.
As you can see, I’m in better spirits…

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