Round 1: Chemotherapy

July 29, 2013

I slept at my brother Albert’s condo last night so I didn’t have to get stuck in 7am Mercier Bridge traffic. My Chemo was at 8am. Accompanying me today was my mom, dad and both brothers Albert and Justin. Everyone took the day off just to be with me… I can’t help my count my blessings. Up to the 8th floor of the Oncology pavilion, where all treatments are made. As we were waiting in the waiting room, my name kept getting called out to fill up some paperwork or to go see the Pharmacist etc… and I can’t help by mention that every time my name was called out and that I had to stand, ALL eyes were on me. Other patients and their family members seemed to be shocked that I was the one with cancer. Again, I remain the youngest girl there, full of energy and life. I could just hear their whispers, as I walk by them.

I am introduced to my nurse Ryan, and I must admit, he has been the most helpful person I have met so far! He really took the time to explain everything in detail. From the medicine he was going to give me, the side effects, my diet and even suggested a social worker in case I had financial issues. He was absolutely awesome making the treatment so much easier. To be honest though, out of all the detailed information he gave me… all I heard was… “NO SUSHI!”. Nooo sushi!!?! What do you meannn!!!  This was officially the end of the world.

I basically can’t have anything raw, and all fruits and vegetables have to be washed in soap and water! Basically, my immune system is now susceptible to bacteria and infection. So I have to be extra careful with what I consume. As of now, My best friend is Purell.

Shortly, Ryan started injecting me with the chemo. It had a pinkish red color to it and it was supposed to give me a metallic taste in my mouth, but I didn’t taste a thing. The whole chemo process went really well. It went by fast since I had my family there for entertainment. But while it was going into my body, I made sure I took the time to concentrate and meditate. I received a lot of advice from people who said to actually focus on the drug flowing into my blood stream all the way into my tumor to attack and destroy it! So I closed my eyes and just imagined this red pinkish river flowing straight into my left breast, encircling it and killing every single cancer cell attached. I plan to do this every time. Hopefully it works!

As soon as it was done I felt zero side effects at all! I was like… well if this is what chemo is… I think I’ll be just fine! We left the hospital and the family and I decided to go out to eat! At the restaurant I started feeling a little bit hazy. I felt a little drunk! But not in a good way… in a 4am post-club at Chinatown type of way…

I remember starting to see things a little blurry towards the end of our meal. As soon as the bill was paid for, my nausea started to kick in. My dad went to get the car immediately and that’s when I felt dizzy and nauseous. It took a good 2 hours before the side effects to come through, and once it did… it hit hard.

I was taken to my brother’s condo where I felt like vomiting, but nothing would come out. It was like having a bad hangover, gastro and a migraine at the same time. Lying in bed was the best thing to do… That entire night I was aching in stomach and head pain. A hot pad on my stomach did the trick. Of course I was prescribed with all these anti nausea pills but I could only take 1 every 4 hours. I was also allowed to take Tylenol so long as my temperature was less than 38 degrees. At this point I felt like my entire body was just filled with drugs making me feel even more nauseous. Sleep was the best medicine. And that’s all I could try to do in between my moaning, groaning and gagging. It was a tough night…

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