What’s that Bump?

September 1, 2012

It’s so hard to remember exactly when I felt the lump on my left breast. Approximately 9 months ago, I recall being in the shower, soaping my chest and feeling this hard marble like feeling at the top right of my breast. I remember immediately feeling a shiver down my spine as soon as I felt it, but that awkward feeling only lasted a split second and I told myself, it must be nothing!

My first reaction was that my pectoral mucless were sore or a little swollen because I had just intensely trained my upper body that day. But the left bump compared to my right pectoral was really distinct. I remember feeling weird the more I touched it and thought about it so I decided to tell someone. The first person I turned to was my boyfriend at the time… he immediately said not to worry and he was also sure it was nothing, but since it bothered me I should probably go get it checked.  At that point I remembered having a scheduled appointment with my family doctor in November, so I figured I would wait and ask her then. No biggy!

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