What’s a Lung Biopsy?

February 18, 2017

Wednesday, January 11th 2017

The Biopsy was finally scheduled for today. I therefore spent two days at the hospital merely being monitored. Luckily, during those days, on top of inviting my barber to come shave the side of my head, my friends and family came to visit! Including my 7 month old puppy Neo that we managed to sneak in.

I was a little nervous about my biopsy as I had no idea what to expect. No one really explains anything at the hospital. It’s almost like they assume you did a decade of Med school just like them. Ironically enough, one my survivor sisters, Chloe, who was also diagnosed at 24 years old, found out she had a lung metastasis just like me a few days before the New Year. We are but a week apart in treatment, however she is triple negative and I am hormone positive, HER2 negative.

Again… another example of the advantage of being open about your story: Connecting with people who can relate. I called Chloe so she could give me an idea of what a needle biopsy was like and of course the big question… DOES IT HURT?

You can watch the video above for my experience with the lung biopsy…. And how it lead to seeing my CT scan for the very first time…

After being stabbed in the lungs… I had to prepare myself mentally for the next day – my first round of chemotherapy…. AGAIN!

To be continued…

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